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A Filmic Reconstruction of Calcutta's Chinatown in the 1940's

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Dibakar Bannerjee's film "Detective Byomkesh Bakshi" is set in Calcutta during World War 2 amidst the Japanese bombing of the city. Segments of the film attempt to reconstruct Chinatown of the 1940s in Calcutta. The costume designer designer Manoshi Nath relied on family photographs of that period to recreate a sense of the city. This segment of the film was shot in the famous Bow Barracks, a neighbourhood shared by the Chinese and Anglo-Indian community in Calcutta.

Making Byomkesh | Re-Imagining China Town

Chinese New Year Celebrations and Dragon Dance at Bow Barracks

Bow Barracks: Home To Kolkata's Anglo-Indians

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