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Five of us have been engaged - in varying capacities- with the story of the Chinese community in India. For two  of us (Jennifer Liang and Lawrence Liang) this is of course a very personal story - of our own families and friends and experiences. Jennifer while doing a PG Course at TISS, Mumbai did a year long oral history recording of the community. A lot of the interviews conducted by her were with people who are no longer alive and therefore constitutes an important archive of the lived memory of the Chinese in India.


Vidura Jang Bahadur is a photographer who has documented the community for two decades.  After returning from a three year stay in China, Vidura started meeting and photographing Chinese families in India and has possibly met more members of the community across the country than any other person.   


Jenny Pinto enters the story from an interest in the intersection between food and culture and how communities cook up  their own histories.


Koel Chatterjee is an illustrator and designer with a similar interest in food histories. 

We  would be delighted to have more interested people joining us and contributing to the project. 

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