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The Boy from Kalimpong by Christopher K Ahoy

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

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The Boy From Kalimpong is an interesting and informative book written by Christopher K. Ahoy, a remarkable author. The book is a pseudo-fiction novel which parallels his experiences in life. Born in India in 1939 of Chinese descent, his journey begins in a small Himalayan town in the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga in India. Kalimpong (“Land of Thunder Clouds”) is ethnically diverse and had, at the time, fifteen major schools with many Scottish teachers. It lies in the shadow of the Silk Roads of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and India.

His family, like other Chinese Indians, were deeply affected by the Sino-Indian border war in 1960 and were stranded, declared stateless and homeless. Some of his family members were incarcerated. And so the main character in Chris’ book was forced to go abroad. He came to the United States where he had four scholarship offers. He chose to attend UC Berkeley where he was awarded the Regent’s Fellowship with a full tuition free education.

In the book there is much history of China, India, and local cultures including the Lepchas of Kalimpong, a UN designated ancient tribe. From this beginning Chris became a highly respected executive and author of three non-fiction books on university leadership and management. Chris Ahoy is the most impressive person that I have ever known, who is able to excel at such diverse activities as teaching physics, dancing, and becoming an expert in leadership development, strategic planning, efficient management and organization analysis of large institutions.

I am fortunate to have hired Chris Ahoy in 1980 to plan, develop, manage and direct capital programs, design, construct and build education facilities for three universities, eleven community colleges and 22 extension centers throughout Alaska. Chris has had a remarkable life as he traveled from Kalimpong to the United States where he has become an honored and recognized author, and expert in leadership, management, and mentoring.

Sherman Carter, Ph. D.

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