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Territory and Centrality Among the Chinese in Kolkata by Catherine Guéguen

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Source: Wu Family Archive

From Leo Suryadinata, Migration, Indigenization and Interaction, World Scientific Publishing Co., 2011, pp. 151-170

Cathrin Gueguen's chapter looks at a spatial history of the the Indian-Chinese community in Kolkatta. Gueguen as a Geographer in her paper explores “the notion of territory occupied by the Chinese community, and that of social and cultural ties between the population and its district. It also looks at the relations between Tangra and the other districts of the city.” Using a spatial approach, she argues that “the territorial approach put forward the notion of centrality, a traditional Chinese thought on spatial practice. To the Chinese, Tangra remains as the “center” of the city. She also notes that the Hindu practices and the new waves of Chinese migrants from the Mainland enable the Chinese to preserve the Chinese overseas culture.

Territory and Centrality Among the Chine
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