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The Loneliest Chinese Man in the world

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

These short pieces are speculative /fictional reconstructions of newspaper and archival stories about the Indian-Chinese community

The Loneliest Chinese Man in the world


Lawrence Liang

Based on its order that all foreigners residing in India acquire a residential permit under The Registration of Foreigners Act, the government has carried a survey of all Chinese people living in India. As of October 31st 1959, it was estimated that there are 30,000 Chinese living in India, most of them in West Bengal (8,127), and Bombay (2,404). Assam has 471, Delhi 382 and Kasmir 1.

It must appear strange to Chen Guh Du, coming from the world’s most populous country to be so singular.

At the Police commissioner’s office in Srinagar, the constable at the gate recognises his friend Guddu Bhai and asks what him he is doing there since he not a foreigner.

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