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Academic Resources on the Indian-Chinese Community

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The following academic and other materials are being provided here to facilitate further research into the Indian-Chinese community. The materials are being made available under fair dealing provisions solely for non-commercial usage to enable research, criticism, review and comment.


Banerjee, P. (2007) ‘Chinese Indians in Fire: refraction of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and citizen- ship in post-colonial India’s memories of the Sino–Indian war’, China Report, 43 (4), 437–63

Basu, Ellen Oxfeld. The limits of entrepreneurship : family process and ethnic role amongst Chinese tanners of Calcutta, Phd Thesis, Submitted to Harvard University (1985) and subsequently published as a book "Blood, Sweat and Mahjong: Family and Enterprise in an Overseas Chinese Community"

Basu, Ellen Oxfeld. Still"GuestPeople "The Reproduction of Hakka Identity in Calcutta, India in Constable Nicole and Nicole Constable, Eds., Hakka Identity in China and Abroad, University of Washington Press, 1995

Biswas, Debarchana. Identity development, acculturation among Bowbazar Chinese community, Asian Ethnicity Volume 20, 2019 - Issue 2

Blunt, Alison and Bonnerjee Jayani, Home, city and diaspora: Anglo–Indian and Chinese attachments to Calcutta, Global Networks 13, 2 (2013) 220–240

Bonnerjee, Jayani Jeanne, Neighbourhood, City, Diaspora: Identity and belonging for Calcutta’s Anglo-Indian and Chinese communities, Thesis submitted to Queen Mary, University of London, 2010

Bose, Arpita. Kolkata's early Chinese Community and their economic contributions, South Asia Research 33(2):163-176

Bose, Kamalika. Revival Of Kolkata’s Chinatown: Democracy And Its Role In Safeguarding The Heritage Of Ethnic Minorities In India, World Heritage, Regulations and Guidelines, Authenticity and Integrity, December 14, 2017

Griffiths, James. India's forgotten Chinese internment camp, The Atlantic, August 9th 2013.

Liang, Jennifer. Migration Patterns and Occupational Specialisations of Kolkata Chinese: An Insider’s History, CHINA REPORT 43 : 4 (2007): 397–410

Nag, Dripta. Introspection in Fieldwork: Ethnographic Research in Chinatown, Kolkata, Paper No. 2 (2018) 7-01, German Anthropology Online

Sircar, Jawhar. The Chinese of Calcutta, Chaudhuri, Sukanta (ed) 1990 (Calcutta Tercentenary), Calcutta: The Living City, Vol. II pp. 64-64: New Delhi: Oxford University Press

Thampi, Madhavi. India and China: colonial encounters, Seminar India Vol. 573 (2007) Yun-Li, Kwai. Deoli Camp: An Oral History of Chinese Indians from 1962 to 1966, A Masters thesis submitted to University of Toronto, 2011

Xing, Zhang, The Bowbazar Chinatown, India International Centre Quarterly, Vol. 36, No. 3/4, WINTER 2009 SPRING 2010), pp. 396-413

Xing, Zhang, Study on the cultural identity of the Chinese- Indians in Kolkata, Sihui and Toronto, Identities, Global Studies in Culture and Power, Volume 24, 2017 - Issue 3

Xing, Zhang, Creating a New Cultural Identity: India-related Religious Practices among the Chinese Community in Kolkata, CHINA REPORT 45 : 1 (2009): 53–63

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